The mood has been upbeat in Queen Mary’s even from early March this year (2013): meetings to plan and prepare for the centenary were convened and committees were formed to carry through the immense (though interesting and exciting) project of the centenary celebration.

1. Monthly Activities

The Committees and Departments of the college prepared their respective proposals and a tentative schedule of events. The Monthly Activities Committee has the task of scheduling the events and maintaining reports of the same.

2. Cultural Programs

The Cultural Programs Committee has planned a number of concerts and benefit performances. This committee performs the dual role of showcasing the best of talent from the Music Department of the college and also hosting performances by eminent musicians and artists for the purpose of raising funds for the development of the college.

3. Campus Cleaning and Beautification

Queen Mary’s college is twice-blessed. It faces the sea and also has a rich flora and fauna. The sea view from the college is splendid. Equally soothing to the eyes and the mind are its stately trees and stretches of green.

The college however faces the challenging task of cleaning and maintaining the campus. Exnora has expressed his intention to adopt the college cleaning and beautification as a project.

4. Centenary Souvenir

The preparation of the Centenary Souvenir is underway. (See Souvenir to get more information). The Committee is working towards securing advertisements in the souvenir and collecting articles for publication.

5. Souvenirs and Memorabilia (Coffee mugs, key chains, T Shirts etc.)

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6. Coffee Table Edition Committee

A picture says a thousand words. The Coffee Table edition committee is working towards bringing out a volume that foregrounds not only the history of the college, but life in QMC.

7. Media, Communication and Press

This website was developed and maintained by Tenth Planet Technologies. The objective of this endeavour undertaken by Tenth Planet Technologies is to use technology to reach Queen Marians far and wide and get them involved not only with the Centenary Celebrations, but also with the college (its programs and the acute need for infrastructure)

8. Building Committee (Renovations and New Constructions)

Many of the buildings on campus are run down and badly in need of maintenance. The burgeoning growth in student enrolment calls for the construction of new building, classrooms, canteen and other facilities. The student strength at present is 5102. The Building Committee has been working with the PWD, Government of Tamilnadu and exploring every possibility to bring about a much required transformation.

9. Fund Raising

Fund raising activities are having a head start this Nov 30th with a fund raising dinner and sing along organised by the OSA.

10. Drafting and Communication

11. OSA Enrolment

Enrolment in the OSA has witnessed an upward trend. The number of Queen Marians getting involved in the Centenary is steadily on the rise.

12. Finance and Accounts

13. Hospitality