Note about Old Students Association (OSA) @ Queen Mary’s College Alumnae Association (QMCAA))

Queen Mary’s College is one of the very first colleges started for Women’s Education in our Country by the then Government and established in 1914.

It was a great pleasure and pride that we celebrated the Centenary Celebrations of this great educational institution in the year 2014-2015, presided by the then Governor Sir K. Rosaiah and well attended by the Education Minister, Higher Education Secretary and other dignitaries.

Started with just 35 students in 1914, Queen Mary’s College caters today 6500 students from different backgrounds.

Passing through various up gradations, Queens Mary’s College stands lofty at present. Some of the illustrious students of this college are pioneering Politicians, I.A.S officers, Police Officers, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers and also Freedom fighters like late Captain Lakshmi Sahgal of INA, Kamaladevi Chattapadhyay, Social Worker and Founder of the Crafts Council of India. Dr.Rajammal P.Devadas a trailblazer in the field of Home-Science and Women and Child Welfare. Ms. Bhargavi Devendra, Social Activist and many others.

In Indian Music, the Institution has produced performing artists in both the classical field and in the light music like Veena Vidushi the late Smt. Vidhya Sankar, Dr. Kanyakumari, Smt. Charumathi Ramachandran, Smt. Vani Jeyaraman. As all institutions are prominent by their Alumni Associations, the network of the former students and the present students work together for the benefits and development of the institution. There was a WOMAN who foresaw the need of this network of the former students, she was the one who was the brain behind this concept. The inception of the Old Students Association was in the year 1917-1918 of the Queen Mary’s College.

Quoting from the book “Queen Mary’s College first two decades” published by the OSA QMC in 1935.Pg.:40.

“The idea of starting the OSA was originated by Ms. De La Hey in 1918. She hoped that the Association would be a link between the college and its past students, and she wished to institute a College Day in which both present and past students would participate together. The 1st meeting of the OSA was held on Sep.1918.

Kumara Rana Meena Muthiah donated Rs.10 lakhs rupees to bring out the commemorative pillar at QMC for the Centenary Celebration of the College. Along with her, many Old students and Staff donated by all means for the Centenary Celebration of the College.

Since 2018-2019 is the Centenary year of OSA @ QMCAA, We have got the permission to construct a new building worth of Rs.5 Crores at our College. Our Association, QMCAA is benefited by IT Exemption 80G. Mrs. Rajeshwari Ramakrishna has already donated of Rs. 10 lakhs for the new building. It’s the time to bring out this project by OSA @ QMCAA. So, let’s all join together to celebrate this event a memorable one and make it a grand success.

Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah Speech

Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah-1

Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah
Secretary & Correspondent

Women’s education and women’s empowerment were terms unheard of at the time when Queen Mary’s College was started in the year 1914 by the Government of Madras purely with an altruistic vision.

The college was the most sought after by women with a thirst for education and families aspired to send their daughters here for higher studies.

I consider it my greatest fortune and a divine boon to have had my formal education in this prestigious institute. The best years of my life were spent here. I deem the time as the golden years of my life.

I not only gained a degree here but I owe it to this college for shaping me into a woman who has been able to expand her horizon, spread her wings and fly over the vast expanses, gaining fruitful lessons. These have helped me to offer my contributions to the society. My own small way of giving it back to the community of which I am a part.

Memories of this college never fade or fail me. The college has grown in quality and quantity but like always it has encompassed the alumni in its ever expanding portal.

Message from Mrs.V.L.Indira butt

Message from Mrs.V.L.Indira butt, Jt. Managing Director,
The K C P Ltd., Chennai (former student of QMC)

QMC. A three-letter word that always evokes in me a pleasant nostalgia taking me back to my happy college days, bringing back to life countless pleasant memories in its wake – sweet memories of the carelesslife devoid of any responsibilities and not to forget any number of good friends I made for life.

A century of existence of an institution is always an awe-evoking event. The cultural, social, and technological changes that span the last century have deeply affected and changed our lives in numerous ways along with the world.Yet, our college’s appropriate response to these changes is a continuing key to its success. I am glad to note that some things at my college’s core have not changed despite the complexity of our dynamic environment and I am sure, they would remain so in the next century of existence too.

As a former student, the occasion is special for me and I am truly proud of all the achievements of the college over all these years. I am sure the good work the college management has been doing in the last century would continue in the coming century too.

Success is the collective effort of various remembered and forgotten people from whose toil it emanated. Today, as we celebrate those triumphs, we must also pause to contemplate and appreciate the efforts put in and energies spent by any number of people to whom we owe this occasion.

QMC is treading on the path that leads to more empowerment of women in this region. Please keep treading on your chosen path, carry on with your journey towards a better tomorrow – for women.

My best wishes to you and all those involved in making this happen.


QMC Msg with Pic

Celebrating a Century Queen Mary’s College – Beautiful Photographs

An APPEAL from the Alumnae Association of Queen Mary’s College (A)

“Celebrating a Century Queen Mary’s College” is the title of the beautifully crafted Centenary commemorative volume produced by the alumnae of QMC. 68 pages of beautiful photographs, carefully selected and written text captures the fascinating history of this oldest Govt College for Women in our part of the country!

qmc-Promo one pager-2015

BOOK RELEASE fixed for 8th July 2015 at special Centenary function along with other releases, cultural events etc. in college

We welcome generous donations towards printing of the same.

Please make your checks in the name of “OSA ,QMC” payable in Chennai and mail it to the person listed below ( as the college may be closed for vacation during most of May)

She will contact you and reach the receipts from the college. A special one page promo is attached to show the quality of the book you are helping to bring out! .

Thank you on behalf of OSA (Alumnae Assn.) QMC

Mail your checks to
Ms.Nithya Balaji
6,Suryodaya Apartments, Fourth Seaward Road,
Valmikinagar,Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai- 600 041.

A festival with a life of its own


A street festival has a life of its own. The annual Sundaram Finance Mylapore
Festival’s 2015 edition (January 8th to 11th) had more of these elements than ever before.
The back-to-back perfor-mances of a medley of folk dances by a team of students from Queen Mary’s College,and the kattai-koothu recitals by the Arulmigu Srimandaveli Amman Nadaga Mandram,Cheyyar Taluk, Thiruvanna-malai, lent that unique colour.

The festival, the only one of its kind in the city, always hosts events in the streets and lanes that run off from the Sri Kapali Temple zone precincts in Mylapore. Each street is themed – craft, food, home products,kolam, live performances. The idea behind this curation is to treat the zone as a religion-cultural-heritage space and set the festival in it.

Besides the street perfor- mances, the weekend kolam contests this year turned out to
be Kolam Displays – the 90 kolams designed by the partici-pants were protected, the flood-lights switched on them and the east end of North Mada Street turned into something of a live art installation.

By doing this, visitors who came in later in the evening could enjoy the kolam-s. This has enthused the Festival Cura-tor to consider hosting a late evening kolam contest in the same area and build a food and performance zone here.

This year, the five Heritage Walks/Tours got a huge response. The leaders were Cycling Yogis, Sriram V.,Chithra Madhavan, Sridhar Venkataraman and T. Sun-dari.
If Sriram led his group of 60 people to what were once villages in this area, Sridhar showed foodies the snack joints that thrive here, while architect Sundari focussed on local archi-tecture as the group walked around the temple zone, and Chithra Madhavan put the spotlight on four ancient temples on the other side of Kutchery Road.

As always, the Food Street was packed on all four evenings of the fest. This year, the stall promoters were asked not to cook snacks on the spot – but their mouth-watering dishes
sold out by 10 p.m.

This year, a small Organic Food Bazaar was created on Pitchu Pillai Street.It allowed people to sample the stuff and interact with the stall-holders.

The Fest also launched a public petition – asking the City Traffic Police to consider mak-ing the three Mada Streets ‘one way’ and to create a ‘walk only’ zone for certain hours on the weekend. (You can sign this online petition if you support this issue at /Mylapore-Mada-Streets-Peti-tion.)

The Mylapore Festival has been the trigger for a few local community initiatives. One such is the ‘mike-less’ concert in the park, a series that was first launched by this Festival.

Hopefully, the call for changes in the Mada Streets’ traffic system, aimed at improving the condition of this heritage zone gets a positive nod from the Police and the Chennai Corporation.