Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah Speech

Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah-1

Kumararani Dr. Meena Muthiah
Secretary & Correspondent

Women’s education and women’s empowerment were terms unheard of at the time when Queen Mary’s College was started in the year 1914 by the Government of Madras purely with an altruistic vision.

The college was the most sought after by women with a thirst for education and families aspired to send their daughters here for higher studies.

I consider it my greatest fortune and a divine boon to have had my formal education in this prestigious institute. The best years of my life were spent here. I deem the time as the golden years of my life.

I not only gained a degree here but I owe it to this college for shaping me into a woman who has been able to expand her horizon, spread her wings and fly over the vast expanses, gaining fruitful lessons. These have helped me to offer my contributions to the society. My own small way of giving it back to the community of which I am a part.

Memories of this college never fade or fail me. The college has grown in quality and quantity but like always it has encompassed the alumni in its ever expanding portal.