Message from Mrs.V.L.Indira butt

Message from Mrs.V.L.Indira butt, Jt. Managing Director,
The K C P Ltd., Chennai (former student of QMC)

QMC. A three-letter word that always evokes in me a pleasant nostalgia taking me back to my happy college days, bringing back to life countless pleasant memories in its wake – sweet memories of the carelesslife devoid of any responsibilities and not to forget any number of good friends I made for life.

A century of existence of an institution is always an awe-evoking event. The cultural, social, and technological changes that span the last century have deeply affected and changed our lives in numerous ways along with the world.Yet, our college’s appropriate response to these changes is a continuing key to its success. I am glad to note that some things at my college’s core have not changed despite the complexity of our dynamic environment and I am sure, they would remain so in the next century of existence too.

As a former student, the occasion is special for me and I am truly proud of all the achievements of the college over all these years. I am sure the good work the college management has been doing in the last century would continue in the coming century too.

Success is the collective effort of various remembered and forgotten people from whose toil it emanated. Today, as we celebrate those triumphs, we must also pause to contemplate and appreciate the efforts put in and energies spent by any number of people to whom we owe this occasion.

QMC is treading on the path that leads to more empowerment of women in this region. Please keep treading on your chosen path, carry on with your journey towards a better tomorrow – for women.

My best wishes to you and all those involved in making this happen.


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